Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lemon Bird homemade jams

Amy Deaver, the brains behind wonderful handmade jams called Lemon Bird, grew up making jam in her native Midwest, but got inspired to return to her canning roots on a trip to Provence. Her jams are all made from fruits that are locally grown--luckily for her (and for us) she lives in California, where the options for local fruit are huge.

You can check out her website at, but if you're interested in buying some of her all-natural, lovingly made jam, you can skip straight to her store on Etsy.

The jams currently being offered (because naturally they change with the season and the availability of the fruit) are: Kumquat and Tangerine with Vanilla, Kumquat with Dark Chocolate and Espresso (wow!) and Blood Orange Jam. They cost $7 for a 6-ounce jar (plus shipping).

But if you have a reason to splurge on a gift for someone (maybe Mother's Day, or someone getting married, or graduating from college), I think it would be great to offer a membership to Lemon Bird's Jam of the Month Club. For $145, you (or your giftee) get two jams the first week of every other month (12 jams a year). The membership fee includes the cost of shipping. Check out the etsy shop to get more details on the flavors of jam you could possibly receive with the Jam of the Month.

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