Sunday, March 22, 2009

“Green” storage bowls

If you read the entry on March 18, 2009, about a company called Preserve, then you know that they make products from recycled plastic. Their line of kitchen products recently won a Green Dot Award, which recognizes businesses with high environmental standards. The line includes colanders, mixing bowls, cutting boards, measuring cups and the set of food storage bowls shown here.

The storage bowls, which are both literally and figuratively green, come in two sizes: 19 and 25 ounces. The feature that really caught my attention, though, were the tops: They screw on instead of snapping on. Shouldn't all storage bowls be that way?

You can buy the bowls directly from Preserve ($2.79 for the small bowl and $2.99 for the larger one) or you can use their Store Locator.

And as with all Preserve products, you can recycle the bowls at a Gimme 5 or by mailing them in (see the March 18 entry for the details).

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