Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grampy throws a party

Not only do I love Rube Goldberg (see yesterday's post), but I also love Grampy, a character in the old Betty Boop cartoons. Grampy was an inventor and a basically kooky character. In one of the Betty Boop cartoons from 1935, Betty and her friends go to Grampy's house for a party. At the party, Grampy does a classic Grampy-style dance [I had a video showing the dance, but it was dissallowed for copyright reasons] and also uses the skeleton of an umbrella to cut a cake into equal portions. I wonder if the manufacturers of the following item took their inspiration from that cartoon...

This cake divider (which I was surprised to discover even existed) cuts 7 equal slices (why 7?) and works for pies, too. It's $19 from Amazon.

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