Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DRY sodas

What do you drink when it's summer, it's hot, you like sparkling drinks, you don't want beer and you don't like treacly soda pop? How about one of these really cool looking, not-too-sweet drinks from DRY Soda?

DRY sodas are made with all-natural ingredients--including lemongrass and rhubarb--and they are only lightly sweetened. I am seriously not a fan of sugary things, and I was very impressed with DRY.

The idea for DRY started in the kitchen of Sharelle Klaus, who, after going through four pregnancies unable to drink wine with meals, was looking for:
a drink that was simple, all-natural, caffeine-free, low in sugar and...that could complement great food or act as a light refreshment on its own.
She came up with four original flavors and then last year added two more to the line. You can now get lavender, juniper berry, vanilla, kumquat, lemongrass and rhubarb. Even though the flavors are great, I want to own these just for the beautiful bottles.

You can buy the soda online (though frankly that seems a little silly), but you can also check out the store locator.

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