Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The best frozen pizza

I'm not a big fan of frozen pizza. It's always too bready or too cheesy or too soggy. So when I was at the Fancy Food Show earlier this month, someone offered me a piece of pizza that I couldn't squirm out of accepting....thank goodness, because it knocked my socks off.

It's called American Flatbread and it's been around for a bunch of years (since 1987, in fact), so maybe I'm the last person on the block to get a taste of it. American Flatbread began as a local bakery with a wood-fired oven on a farm in Waitsfield, Vermont. There are now several restaurant/bakeries scattered about the state (plus one, and another on its way, in Virginia), and Lareau Farm (which still houses the principal bakery) is a working farm that also operates as an inn.

The pizzas are organic, hand-made, wood-fired and delicious. The 4 varieties are: Cheese & Herb, Revolution (tomato sauce, caramelized onions, mushrooms), Sun-Dried Tomato & Mushroom, Tomato Sauce & Three Cheese, and Ionian Awakening (tomato sauce, Kalamata olives, 4 cheeses, rosemary). The pies come in 12-inch or 9-inch sizes, depending on the variety; prices are in the neighborhood of $7.50 for the small pies and $12 for the large.

P.S. Their tomato sauce is wood-fired, too [swoon].

To find a store that sells American Flatbread pizza, check their store finder.

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