Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cool Bottles

These thermal carafes were designed by an award-winning Danish designer named Ole Palsby. They are called Cool Bottles, which they are indeed. They have a frosted translucent body and a vacuum glass center, hold 750 milliliters (a little over 3 cups) and come in five colors.

$32 (per carafe) from Alfi (a website that specializes in thermal pitchers and bottles, or in their words the "home of hot & cold").

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  1. I’ve always found carafes to be really attractive. There’s something so classic and timeless about them. They seem, to me anyway, to hark back to a time of more organic and greener food. There’s a local bistro chain where I live that serves fresh Italian food and all their pitchered drinks are served in glass carafes to go with the theme of the place.