Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buddha bowls

I've got a little bit of a bowl fetish. I like them in all shapes, sizes, and materials. I like itty-bitty silicone prep bowls and giant British stoneware gripstand bowls, and everything in between: cereal bowls, soup bowls, pasta bowls, ice cream bowls....There is something extremely satisfying about eating food out of a bowl. (And key to the satisfaction is matching the bowl size and shape to the food you are about to eat. There are no rules for matching: You just look at your bowls and pick the one that feels right. You'll know it when you see it. It's a personal journey.)

So although I have more bowls than I know what to do with, it doesn't keep me from lusting after new bowls, like these Buddha bowls designed by California artist Elan McPherson. The Buddha bowl holds a respectable 18 ounces and looks like the love child of a bowl and a coffee cup. Use it as a bowl for soup or cereal, or pick it up and use it as the French would for chocolat chaud or cafĂ© au lait.

The bowls sell for $30-ish at Uncommon Goods.


  1. Well, when you say it is love child of a bowl and a coffee cup, I must have it!

  2. If you have ever gone on a meditation retreat you might have eaten your meals Oryoki style; that is, 3 to 5 bowls wrapped up in a kit. The first and largest bowl is called the Buddha bowl and it always contains the grain and nothing else. For monks who collect alms it's the one used. I don't quite 'get' why this one is called a Buddha bowl but I guess it's better than calling it a Christ bowl or a Mohammed bowl, or Fred's bowl.