Sunday, October 4, 2009

On hiatus

Hello to my loyal fan base. I am on blog hiatus (blogiatus?) because I'm developing recipes for a new cookbook. This is a good thing. Will rejoin you in awhile.

Meanwhile, here's a photograph of a spaghetti squash plant in my garden. My Pumpkin Tree Project failed miserably (not enough sun or water or both), but now there's the Inadvertent Spaghetti Squash Project.

One night this summer I made spaghetti squash for dinner (well, Mother Nature made the spaghetti squash, I cooked it). When I split it open to clean it, I discovered that the seeds had begun to sprout. So, seizing the opportunity, I planted them. Now the plants are climbing fences and putting out blossoms like crazy, but they entered the game a bit late so I would be surprised if I got any actual squash. Whatever.

Next year I'm planning a weed garden. I've heard they do well.

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