Monday, May 25, 2009

The pumpkin tree project

A couple of years ago I planted a type of gourd called a birdhouse gourd (well that's probably not its botanical name) that you can turn into a birdhouse: You dry it out so you can cut a small hole in it to act as a front door for the birdies.

The gourds I grew weren't quite up to snuff birdhouse-wise, but that's not the point of my story. The point is that the gourd plant decided it didn't have enough sun where I had put it, so it simply grew up a tree. It made lots of little gourd fruits, all dangling from the branches of an evergreen tree.

This inspired me to make this happen on purpose. Today--Memorial Day--I planted two kinds of baby pumpkins at the base of the same tree (photo above). I'll report on the progress. I'm aiming to have a hilarious picture of the pumpkin tree in September.

For the record, I planted 2 pumpkins: one called Sweet Lightning, which produces 3- to 5-inch fruits, and one called Wee-Be-Little, which makes 3- to 4-inch fruits. They're both from Jung Seed.

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