Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wine ice creams

Have you ever been carded when you tried to buy an ice cream cone? Probably not...unless you have had the pleasure of buying one of the wine-flavored ice creams from Mercer's Dairy. The ice creams are made with real wine and because of the alcohol content (5 percent by volume), you have to be 21 to buy them.

Mercer's Dairy, located in Boonville, New York (in the Adirondacks), is owned by a collaborative of local dairy farmers. Their wine ice cream line (they make conventional ice creams, too) currently has 6 flavors: A la Port, Peach White Zinfandel, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Royal White Riesling, Cherry Merlot and Chocolate Cabernet.

If you happen to be near Boonville, you can buy the ice cream in their store, but they have an increasing presence in retail locations. You can visit Mercer's Dairy for more information, or you can email them at to inquire about a retail store near you.

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