Friday, May 14, 2010

Penguins at the bar

Who doesn't love a penguin? Funny little guys waddling around in their tuxedos. It's so tempting to see them as humanesque, making it a real disconnect when their facial expressions never change. Wouldn't you like to see a penguin smile? (Oooh, wait, that might be creepy.)

But I digress.

Penguins have a great shape, and the designer of the above cocktail shaker clearly thought so too ($17 at Amazon).

After you shake it all up, pour that concoction into one of these glasses sporting an image of a gentoo penguin ($18 from Cafe Press). Had to look up the gentoo. It's a little unclear where their name comes from, though it's been suggested that it derives from a word meaning nice or gentle. I like that. Let's stick with it.

To keep this theme going, how about a Penguin seltzer maker? It's about $200, but if you drink a lot of seltzer, you'll end up getting your investment back in fairly short order. And the reusable glass bottles that come with the seltzer maker are really cool looking. (On a side note, this guy could also be one of the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal.)

Last but not least is penguin ice cubes. This particular mold makes a big block of ice with two little penguin bodies riding on top—like an ice floe floating in your drink. The penguin mold comes with a companion mold with 2 polar bears on it. Last I checked the link, you could get them at houzz for $17.
(Or for a mold that makes multiple penguin cubes, read my post about them here.)

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