Saturday, January 30, 2010

Message cookies

Two weeks to Valentine's Day.

But instead of those tiny candy hearts (which are gross anyway), let your feelings be known in a big way.

With a set of cookie cutters (three shapes: heart, star, and scalloped rectangle) from Williams-Sonoma, you can deliver your message(s) very taste-fully.

Each of the cutters in the set has slots for typesetting your own two-line message. The set comes with three full alphabets and some premade words/phrases (Happy, Birthday, Holidays, Thank You, I Love You, etc.). When you press the cutter into the dough, the outer edge cuts out the cookie and a plunger impresses your message into the center. The set comes with a dishwasher-safe mesh bag for storage and easy cleaning (because oh my lord, imagine cleaning all those little letters by hand). $19.90 from Williams-Sonoma.

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  1. Kate, I work for Hallmark Cards and a reader of the Hmk. magazine recently wrote us about a recipe that was published in it. Could you give me your email address so I can forward it to you with her questions?
    Thanks, Marilyn