Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More corn: tortillas, corn bread & polenta

When I was thinking what could go into my new corn collection, I realized that it needed to expand past the corn cob. So here's the branch of my collection that deals with things made from corn.

Cast-iron cornbread mold Why do cornsticks always have to be in the shape of an ear of corn? This mold makes 5 cornbread fish, is about 16 x 9 inches and is $20 from Cast Iron Home.

Tortilla basket Any well-dressed table in Mexico has a tortilla basket for keeping the corn tortillas warm and/or from drying out during dinner. This woven palm basket is 8 inches in diameter and 5 inches high. It sells for $17.60 from the Direct from Mexico website.

Polenta pot This handmade hammered-copper pot comes from the Ruffoni family in the Italian Alps. The design of the deep pot (narrow bottom and wide top) is supposed to be ideal for making polenta. At $175 this is quite the indulgence, but if you buy it from Williams-Sonoma, they also throw in a wooden stirring spoon (woo-hoo).

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