Saturday, August 15, 2009

Penguin ice cubes

Several summers ago I downed quarts and quarts of mint sun tea. Katie Daniels (then my son's girlfriend but now update: wife) is the one who turned me on to this.

Because of all the rain that particular spring and early summer my mint had gone haywire. It not only spread all over the place but was about 4 feet tall (no kidding). So one day Katie took some of the clippings from my effort to thin the mint jungle, put them in a gallon juice container with water, set it out in the sun for a couple of hours, strained it and chilled it.

Yikes, who knew a cold drink could be so refreshing? I've made it multiple times since, including making it with boiling water on a day that the sun didn't cooperate (though the sun tea version is decidedly better), and now it's my new favorite summer drink. Plus I feel virtuous having a use for all that mint.

Long preamble to get to this: How cool would it be if I used the mint tea to make ice cubes in the shape of a penguin? Can't you just see a bunch of mint penguins floating on their backs in a big punch bowl? You could float the penguins in a bowl of regular iced tea since the mint would go very nicely with it.

The silicone penguin mold shown here makes 12 penguin cubes. (Of course you will find it on Amazon, because Amazon controls the world.) The same company also makes ice cubes in the shape of rubber duckies and seasheels.

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