Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweetest cupcake actor ever

It's rare that I read someone else's blog with a link that I want to pass along, because I find the P.C. (as in politically correct) acknowledgment process frustrating:
"Say, here's a great story, I got it from here [link]"
Click. Load page.

"Interesting story, I got it from there [link].
Click. Load page.
Multiple polite links later you finally end up at the story itself. I often give up before I get there.

So, that said, I read a blog entry on Al Dente, which is a blog written by the editors at Amazon.com, who thanked a blogger (Key Notes with Becca) for making them aware of a stop-action animator named Kirsten Lepore, who has a collection of videos on Vimeo.com. [phew]

You need to watch her cupcake hero in a video called Sweet Dreams.

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