Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is one of the most charming gifts you can give someone, but why not really put on a show?

1 This Chef's Choice 830 WafflePro waffle iron makes 5 heart-shaped waffles. It sells for $50 from Amazon.
2 Or keep it simple with this cute toast stamp for $4 from Perpetual Kid.
3 For a mere $6, you can express your love with a heart-shaped egg. The nonstick form from Archie McPhee can also be used to make heart-shaped pancakes.
4 And to drink? A nice cuppa brewed with this wonderful little tea infuser. $4 from Anna Tea Shop.
5 Don't stop there. Serve the tea (or coffee) in this great heart-shaped cup and saucer from Molla Space. The cup and saucer are $18, but you can also get a mug for $16, a juice class for $13 or, if you really want to go crazy, there's a whole heart-shaped tea set for $140.
6 And what to spread on the waffles, or toast, or pancakes? Why a heart-shaped pat of butter of course. This pink silicone mold from Fauchon in Paris makes 20 little butter shapes. The mold can also be used to mold chocolates or for baking. It's $15 from Sur La Table.

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