Thursday, January 22, 2009

A mug for every mood

I have a huge collection of coffee mugs at home. Each one has a little history to it (various souvenirs from vacations), and each one has a slightly different feel in the hand (the clunky cafeteria-style mug or the delicate porcelain cup). I find myself picking a different mug in the morning depending on the mood I'm in.

I'm always on the lookout for new mugs, even though I really don't need any more. Here are a few I've coveted recently.

1 The designer Stephen Reed surrounded this Radiator Mug with "heat sinks" that keep the exterior of the mug cool to the touch, even though the coffee within can be scalding hot. The mug is $26 from Charles & Marie.
2 The name of this mug alone makes it worthy: Celestial Mocha Mug. This glass mug holds 14 ounces of mocha and comes from a restaurant supply company that sells a set of six for $22. Good deal.
3 I love the look of this handmade stoneware mug. It's designed by Michael McDowell, a Denver-based artist who sells his stuff on Etsy. This "White Crawl" mug (which costs $20) sadly sold out just as I was writing this blog entry, but this will give you the opportunity to visit Michael's Etsy store and maybe you can twist his arm and ask him to make more.
4 Though you can't see all of them in this shot, the stick figures by the artist Jeffrey Metzner wrap all the way around this mug. It's $12 from the MoMA store.
5 If you're feeling in a fundamental American-pottery mood, you should check out these stoneware mugs from American potter Todd Piker at the Cornwall Bridge Pottery in Connecticut. The mug is $20 and comes in 3 shapes and 10 designs.
6 Zojirushi, the Japanese company that also makes rice cookers, makes an insulated stainless mug called a D-Mug. You can buy the mug for $30 at, but here's the cool part. You can then go online and customize your own mug design at Zojirushi's D-Mug Studio.

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