Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Believe it or not, this shoe is...

...actually a cake.

It's the creation of Redmond, Washington-based pastry chef Mike McCarey, who specializes in incredible custom cakes. If you visit Mike's Amazing Cakes, the first thing you will see on the site is a collection of images. Though each one is a cake, you would not be crazy if you assumed they were statues. Click on the image in the upper lefthand corner to see a gallery of his cakes.

As you might suppose, these cakes are quite costly, so this is really all about window shopping. (What do you suppose the web-based version of window shopping is? Surf-shopping? Shop-browsing?). But if you are a frustrated cake artist, then you might consider getting Mike's DVD ($40), which gives detailed instructions on how to sculpt cake into a 3-D, to-scale car. Click on the lower lefthand image for more information on the DVD.

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