Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Saving the planet with smart design

I hate, hate, hate plastic bags. (I'm glad to see that there are some places that are considering making them a thing of the past in grocery stores.) And ever since I lived in France, I've loved, loved, loved the concept of carrying a small shopping bag to hold the ingredients for dinner that night.

So I always like to carry a small, folded-up bag with me in my purse. This is why I was really pleased to discover the 24/7 bag from a little company called flip & tumble.

The bag was designed by two graduates of Stanford University's Product Design program. It's made of ripstop nylon, which makes it very strong and--best of all--very light. It comes stuffed into a stretchy nylon sack and is about the size of a baseball. When you deploy the bag, the stretchy sack (which is actually attached to the bag) ends up on the inside of the bag as a handy little pocket for keys and whatnot.

It's really an extremely clever design, and the color combinations available are very modern and attractive. You can buy the bag from the flip & tumble website for $12 plus $4 flat shipping for up to 4 bags.

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