Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fantastic foodscapes

Australia-based visual artist Carl Warner has done a series of what he calls "Foodscapes," which are photographs of what appear to be landscapes and house interiors, but are constructed entirely of food. The details are remarkable. To see Warner's Foodscapes, go to his website and click on the orange box to get to his collection of Fotographics. Then click on the 2nd portfolio, which is labeled (when you roll your cursor over it) Foodscapes.

My favorite shot is in the middle row on the far right. It's a kitchen scene in what is clearly the Italian countryside. The kitchen curtains are made of lasagna noodles. A big punchbowl is made from a tomato half with a macaroni ladle. The kitchen tablecloth looks to be made of a slice of cheese. Anyway, it's intriguing to see if you can identify all of the foods Warner has used to make these wonderful still-lifes. Check them out.

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