Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I just stumbled across ImCooked the other day, but my friends tell me that I'm the last one on the block to discover this YouTube-style site where you can shoot your own cooking video and submit it for others to watch. I found the site because someone told me that Christopher Walken had taken a home video of his roast chicken and pears recipe and I couldn't resist. He calls it "Man Makes Chicken with Pears." You absolutely have to watch it (scroll down).

If you spend some time poking around Im Cooked, you'll see an incredible variety of slicing and dicing styles. For example, in a video called "Cheap and Evil Guacamole," you'll see an unusual way of getting the avocado out of its skin. The directions for the Cheap and Evil guacamole are novel, and very clear, making it possible to actually cook this recipe (not true of all the videos).

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